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15.2 Authentication

Topics in this section:

Authentication is implemented according to RFC 4422 (SASL):

PLAIN Authentication

Figure 15.5 PLAIN Authentication

EXTERNAL Authentication

Figure 15.6 EXTERNAL Authentication

MYSQL41 Authentication

MYSQL41 authentication is:

  • supported by MySQL 4.1 and later

  • a challenge/response protocol using SHA1

  • similar to CRAM-MD5 ( RFC 2195)

1. C:
2. S: challenge
3. C: [ authzid ] \0 authcid \0 response \0
4. S: AuthenticateOk



user name


server side, one time random challenge


HEX(SHA1(password) ^ SHA1(challenge + SHA1(SHA1(password))))

Figure 15.7 MYSQL41 Authentication

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