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A.1 Directory Listing

Directory — Short Comment

  • bdb — The Berkeley Database table handler

  • BitKeeper — BitKeeper administration (not part of the source distribution)

  • BUILD — Frequently used build scripts

  • client — Client library

  • cmd-line-utils — Command-line utilities (libedit and readline)

  • config — Some files used during build

  • dbug — Fred Fish's dbug library

  • Docs — documentation files

  • extra — Some minor standalone utility programs

  • heap — The HEAP table handler

  • include — Header (*.h) files for most libraries; includes all header files distributed with the MySQL binary distribution

  • innobase — The Innobase (InnoDB) table handler

  • libmysql — For producing MySQL as a library (for example, a Windows .DLL)

  • libmysql_r — For building a thread-safe libmysql library

  • libmysqld — The MySQL Server as an embeddable library

  • man — Some user-contributed manual pages

  • myisam — The MyISAM table handler

  • myisammrg — The MyISAM Merge table handler

  • mysql-test — A test suite for mysqld

  • mysys — MySQL system library (Low level routines for file access etc.)

  • ndb — MySQL Cluster

  • netware — Files related to the Novell NetWare version of MySQL

  • NEW-RPMS — Directory to place RPMs while making a distribution

  • os2 — Routines for working with the OS/2 operating system

  • pstack — Process stack display (not currently used)

  • regex — Henry Spencer's Regular Expression library for support of REGEXP function

  • SCCS — Source Code Control System (not part of source distribution)

  • scripts — SQL batches, for example, mysqlbug and mysql_install_db

  • server-tools — instance manager

  • sql — Programs for handling SQL commands; the "core" of MySQL

  • sql-bench — The MySQL benchmarks

  • sql-common — Some .c files related to sql directory

  • SSL — Secure Sockets Layer; includes an example certification one can use to test an SSL (secure) database connection

  • strings — Library for C string routines, for example, atof, strchr

  • support-files — Files used to build MySQL on different systems

  • tests — Tests in Perl and in C

  • tools — mysqlmanager.c (tool under development, not yet useful)

  • VC++Files — Includes this entire directory, repeated for VC++ (Windows) use

  • vio — Virtual I/O Library

  • zlib — Data compression library, used on Windows

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