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A.1.16 The myisammrg Directory

MyISAM Merge table handler.

As with other table handlers, you'll find that the *.c files in the myissammrg directory have counterparts in the myisam directory. In fact, this general description of a myisammrg program is almost always true: The myisammrg function checks an argument, the myisammrg function formulates an expression for passing to a myisam function, the myisammrg calls a myisam function, the myisammrg function returns.

These are the 22 files in the myisammrg directory, with notes about the myisam functions or programs they're connected with:

  • myrg_close.c --- mi_close.c

  • myrg_create.c --- mi_create.c

  • myrg_delete.c --- mi_delete.c / delete last-read record

  • myrg_extra.c --- mi_extra.c / "extra functions we want to do ..."

  • myrg_info.c --- mi_info.c / display information about a mymerge file

  • myrg_locking.c --- mi_locking.c / lock databases

  • myrg_open.c --- mi_open.c / open a MyISAM MERGE table

  • myrg_panic.c --- mi_panic.c / close in a hurry

  • myrg_queue.c --- read record based on a key

  • myrg_range.c --- mi_range.c / find records in a range

  • myrg_rfirst.c --- mi_rfirst.c / read first record according to specific key

  • myrg_rkey.c --- mi_rkey.c / read record based on a key

  • myrg_rlast.c --- mi_rlast.c / read last row with same key as previous read

  • myrg_rnext.c --- mi_rnext.c / read next row with same key as previous read

  • myrg_rnext_same.c --- mi_rnext_same.c / read next row with same key

  • myrg_rprev.c --- mi_rprev.c / read previous row with same key

  • myrg_rrnd.c --- mi_rrnd.c / read record with random access

  • myrg_rsame.c --- mi_rsame.c / call mi_rsame function, see \myisam\mi_rsame.c

  • myrg_static.c --- mi_static.c / static variable declaration

  • myrg_update.c --- mi_update.c / call mi_update function, see \myisam\mi_update.c

  • myrg_write.c --- mi_write.c / call mi_write function, see \myisam\mi_write.c

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