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  Posted by Andrea Dossena on September 11, 2002
I'd like to understand why the storing of the data is a
machine and OS independent. I know that Intel
Machines stores data in RAM with the high byte first
viceversa Motorola Machines stores data with the
low one. Andrea
  Posted by PRASANTH PISKA on January 20, 2003
i think the documentation for this section should contain an overview on MyISAM tables which can give better idea of their usage. something similar to InnoDB tables overview
  Posted by Tommy Tooth on May 22, 2003
"Note that index files are usually much smaller with MyISAM than with ISAM. This means that MyISAM will normally use less system resources than ISAM, but will need more CPU time when inserting data into a compressed index."
Shouldn't the index be uncompressed for MyISAM as that would make it faster. I dont think disk space is much of a concern for me on a server, especially if it is few KB or MB.

  Posted by Eric Redmond on June 27, 2003
Tommy - The data, however, must be read from the the disk. Disk reads are very slow. The less data read from the disk, the better. A few CPU cycles to [de]compress pales in comparison to the extra data being transfered to/from disk.

  Posted by Paul Palaszewski on October 2, 2003
> "Maximum number of keys/table is 32 as default. This can be enlarged to 64 without having to recompile myisamchk."

Hm, how?
I did not find any hint in the documentation and as far as I checked, the mailing lists also contained nothing about this.

I must admit, instead of asking a question here, I've wanted to post a msg on the public mailing list for documentation but I'm too stupid to find a way to post a msg - there's no mail address, no posting form and no hint in the FAQ.
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