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23.16.8 Implementing the index_read() Method

The [custom-engine.html#custom-engine-api-reference-index_read index_read()] method is used to retrieve a row based on a key:

int ha_foo::index_read(byte * buf, const byte * key,
                       ulonglong keypart_map,
                       enum ha_rkey_function find_flag)

The *buf parameter is a byte array that the storage engine populates with the row that matches the index key specified in *key. The keypart_map parameter is a bitmap that indicates which parts of the key are present in the key parameter. The find_flag parameter is an enumerator that dictates the search behavior to be used, as discussed in Parsing Key Information.

The index to be used is previously defined in the [custom-engine.html#custom-engine-index-init index_init()] call and is stored in the active_index handler variable.

The following values are allowed for find_flag:


Storage engines must convert the *key parameter to a storage engine-specific format, use it to find the matching row according to the find_flag, and then populate *buf with the matching row in the MySQL internal row format. For more information on the internal row format, see #Implementing the rnd_next() Method.

In addition to returning a matching row, the storage engine must also set a cursor to support sequential index reads.

If the *key parameter is null, the storage engine should read the first key in the index.

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